"I will try to create more happiness and less unhappiness in the world around me." This means to take action to improve my own well-being and to help create happier neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, and communities.

Mindfulness and expression of gratitude is the main components of this positive movement. I find that I take the time to appreciate those who are around me. I show small daily acts of kindness from as simple as greeting people with a warm smile. I empower those around me by encouraging them and letting them know that they are doing 'great' in their tasks and life achievements.

Fundamental Questions "What really matters in life?" "What really makes us happy?" "How can we create a happier world?"

My Answers What really matters in life? Happiness. When someone is truly happy with themselves they can then be happy for others. Happiness allows the mind to open and for ideas to flourish. These bright ideas help to build a prosperous future. Happiness allows us to work to our full potential and create positive change. Nature is happiness and a love and compassion for all beings is the essence of true happiness. What really matters in life is the positive education and values that we teach younger generations so they too can spread the joy. 'Our wellbeing and our mental freedom' is happiness. We the people matter and we together make a change.

What really makes us happy? I think it depends on the person and what interests them. To be honest I am most happy when I am in my element. When I am collaborating with like minded people, sharing ideas, building on my own strengths, interests and learning from others is when I am most happy. I get excited about learning what others do and I personally think that is such a beautiful quality to have, 'the interest in others and what they do, and what they can teach you' is phenomenal, it is endless and that is what's so exciting about it. That itself is life.


LIFE = EMOTIONS- We are moved by experiences and when we can appreciate them we are in pleasure. Life is here to be enjoyed. It is here for peace.

How can we create a happier world? We can create a happier world by being KIND to all! By raising others and uplifting them to believe in themselves, to saying ‘YES’ and making movement together as one. Showing interest in one another is one of the beauties of life! Human connection and to be loved is happiness at it’s best.