Yes I'm an official Ambassador for Brick City Villin. Their active wear is #DOPE! I've recently completed a campaign shoot for them and now continuing to model for them as one of their ambassadors. The brand has come a long way and is sold at Culture Kings, Lift Apparel, Jymlocker and Steet Fit Clothing. For me it's not about just modelling for any brand. It's about whether 'I LOVE THE STYLE' of the brand. I'd only attach my name to a brand that I 100% believe in and would use/wear.

I love fashion and looking my best is not just my job, I take pride in it. My weekly routine involves going to the gym at least 3 times a week to do kickboxing. I love that Brick City

Villin provides active wear that is comfortable and fashionable. The brand is unique, both the women's and men's wear is off the radar! It looks cool and it feels like quality. Another bonus is that the price range is affordable! As a Villin Ambassador I'm lucky enough to get discounts for my friends. So if you're interested in purchasing some goodies USE DISCOUNT CODE: YAS10 Check out some of there cool styles here:

Here are some of the campaign and free style shots of me in #BrickCityVillin wear.