Updated: Aug 19, 2018

+ Competition and not beating yourself up about not getting a job position + Understanding that every agent and client has different likes and dislikes (There vision- For some you may be the epitome of what they’re looking for and for others you won’t be) + The truth is ‘YES’ it can be exhausting not being chosen after all the effort you make for castings + Moving on and keeping persistent is key in this industry

In every industry there is competition. A little competition is healthy because it can encourage us to work harder for what we want which helps us to get that job position. The modelling industry is extremely competitive especially when it comes to paid jobs. There are too many models and too little jobs available, so the fight for the position can be overwhelming for some. It can be exhausting and confidence damaging if you don’t get the position and if you take every job to heart.

The truth is yes, it is very time consuming applying for jobs, attending castings and getting call backs only to find out that you are not successfully booked for the job.

What can be frustrating at times is that you don’t get paid for the time and effort you take for driving into the busy city, paying for parking and waiting to be called up for the casting. The worst of it is attending castings that are not organised or running to schedule meaning you could end up spending half your day waiting around to be called for the shoot. It can be absolute mayhem. Patience and a flexible day in this instance is crucial.

If you do get called in for a casting you don’t want to be saying no to attending because it is your opportunity for paid work, whereas if you fail to attend then you are not in it to win it, meaning no bread and butter for you. It’s a very cut throat industry, so developing a thick skin is vital because agents and clients will tell you what they like and what they don’t. Every agent and client will be different to the next because we are dealing with people with versatile likes and dislikes of individuals. What one person loves another may not, all in all this is a good thing because it helps us understand that for this particular campaign the client maybe looking for a brunette with long hair and for another they may be looking for someone with short hair. They may just prefer that look over yours, it doesn’t mean you are unattractive because you aren’t chosen for that particular job. Think about it as oh well you didn’t get that job this time around but in the next week you may book another job. At the end of the day you will come to appreciate the clients and agents who favour your look and you will give them 100% because they have chosen you over the other 500+ people who have applied for the same position.

In terms of agencies I’d suggest applying to a handful of your favourite ones, each agency has a different theme, look and feel. They provide slightly different services from each other, ensure that the agencies you’re applying for goes well with the type of work you’re wanting. You could research and try follow in the footsteps of other models who inspire you.

Competition is alive and well but your determination is what will make you successful. Keeping persistent and moving forward is key in this industry.

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