Updated: Aug 10, 2018

+ What confidence is all about in the modelling industry + Why confidence is important + General questions about confidence and answers + How to build confidence

Throughout my life I have come to realise that portraying confidence is a trait that is used to captivate an audience. In terms of the modelling world our audience is our agents, clients and followers/fans base.

The time we take on our appearance from every strand of hair to the makeup and garments we wear, we create a statement about ourselves. We give people an illustration of what we are about through our visual appearance. Make use of those stilettos that elongate your legs and focus on an upright posture. There is nothing worse than a slouching posture that gives off a lack of confidence.

Why is confidence so important? Because you will need to meet industry professionals in modelling and if you come across shy and unapproachable no agent or client will book you jobs.

What if I have low confidence? That’s okay, we all have our insecurities and need to start somewhere. If you have no experience what so ever then I’d strongly suggest in taking the first step to your career in modelling which would be to seek model mentor-ship, enter pageants and attend modelling schools. Confidence takes time to build within and in front of a camera, so the more things you get involved in the better. Practice is everything. When you’re starting it’s okay to do free collaborations with photographers who want to work with you, just ensure it is not used for advertising purposes because that is when you should be getting paid for those jobs. You can decide after how long to limiting collaborations and focusing on paid work. I first started taking photos of myself (using timer and tripod) and with friends who also enjoyed getting photos taken. From there I was able to build on my confidence in front of a camera.

Ways to boost your confidence 1. Get out of your comfort zone (do something you wouldn’t usually do or go out to a new place) 2. Mirror exercise (where you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 3 things you like about yourself to boost your self esteem) 3. Practice good hygiene 4. Buy a self help book on the topic to boosting confidence 5. Listen to motivational speakers online and attend seminars 6. Focus on a positive attitude towards yourself/self love 7. Enter in pageants because they will get you out of your comfort zone and challenge you in terms of socialising with others in the same industry and will also build on your public speaking skills 8. Have a good skin care routine (use a daily face wash to keep skin clean and moisturiser to keep skin balanced in terms of ph levels. Use a exfoliating scrub or mask on the face 1-3 times a week. Ensure that you take off all your makeup before bed each day, sleeping with makeup on prevents your skin from breathing which causes acne, dermatitis, skin irritation and dry/oily unbalanced skin 9. Get regular hair cuts to keep a fresh maintained look 10. Give yourself positive pep talks 11. Exercise (this boosts self confidence and keeps your body in great shape, go for a walk, try a new activity like pilates, yoga or martial arts) 12. Eat well (what you eat shines through, drink plenty of water every day, this not only fuels your body but also gives your skin a youthful glow, food tip- Eat lots of fruit and vegetables of different colours 13. Confidence starts of as thoughts so if you think positively about yourself you will feel more confident

14. Confidence isn't about being full of yourself or thinking you're better than others, it is knowing your worth as a person and appreciating what you can offer 15. Keep building on your skills in areas that you love, the more practice you get the more confident you will be

16. Being humble and living in the moment with joy can bring confidence to anyone

I hope I’ve been able to share with you a little bit about confidence and how to gain it. It takes lots of practice but eventually you’ll master it and if anyone ever throws you off or tells you otherwise know that their opinion doesn’t matter because that's 1 person out of 7.442 billion. Focus your energy to loving yourself and the way you look because there is only 1 you in the world and it’s your opinion about yourself that matters most. Do the best you can do in terms of looking after yourself mentally and physically. I guarantee you’ll feel amazing and the universe will reward you.

Beauty Shot Smoke Eyes
Model: Yasemin Islek Photographer: Dave Lucas