Did someone say fashion, trends and Pretty Little Thing?! I sure did! For this blog post ill be sharing with you my style and what I like to wear out to events, dinners, parties and clubbing.

First things first, everyone has a different figure so I’d suggest finding out what figure you are (petite, hour glass, plus, standard etc) and looking into what will make your assets more appealing. Buying the correct fitted clothes will help with this, so measure yourself and make sure items fit you well, not too tight or too loose.

Different height and weight can play a role on what looks best from person to person. The key to pulling off an outfit is wearing what you feel most comfortable in! If you don’t feel comfortable having your belly out then don’t, wear what makes you feel good.

At the end of the day when you are comfortable, you are confident and that is the secret to pulling off any outfit!

My figure is petite, I’m only 5’2 and size 4-6! I hope my images can inspire you in some way whatever size you may be. This is simply my style and the dress styles I love which makes me feel confident. I love tight fitted clothes that accentuates my curves on my petite frame. I also find that I can get away with wearing short dresses as my legs are on the shorter side, but I do love my midi dresses which gives off a classy vibe.

SECRET FOR CLEAVAGE I am a size 10A, for an extra cleavage boost I use a stick on bra, while adding a bit of bronzer in between the breasts. This gives a contoured effect adding a bit of dimension and giving an illusion of slightly bigger breasts. Fantastic! I don’t mind the occasional flat chest as I find it can work well depending on the outfit.

Now for the outfits! Enjoy the different looks, colours, patterns and styles! I’ve taken images to show off these gorgeous dresses.

Model: Yasemin Islek Photography Credit: Dave Lucas