There are many paths you can take in life. Some easier than others. These endless options presented to us tests us. Take care and keep actively conscious of your thoughts, literally monitor yourself from your basic conversations with acquaintances to your daily tasks.

Some drowned their sorrows in addiction. Alcohol. Drugs. Self harm. Self hate. Suicide.

The outlook to a positive future isn’t out of reach. It isn’t impossible for you. Even if you feel stuck. There is over 7 billion people in this world, it makes no sense to me how a person can feel so alone. We should be supporting and uplifting each other not fueling toxic life styles. My message today is to find positive outlets to aid suffering. As a form of positive therapy I encourage ‘EXPRESSING ONES EMOTIONS’ through self talk, writing, creating/making, exercising, taking up a new hobby, going to new places and adventuring. Do things that make your heart sing. Work in a career that makes you happy.

If you’re going to send out a message to the public let it be in good will. People already have to deal with enough chaotic bullshit that life throws at them. Be that glimpse of hope, that voice that projects good intentions and take the time to understand people. Keep well love Yasemin Islek
Model: Yasemin Islek      Photographer: Demikovac
Beauty Shoot