Updated: Jul 11, 2018

First establish the reason’s why you want to model. Are these reason’s worth it to explore and enter into the industry? If it’s a Yessss! Then proceed.

Go through this questionnaire list to find out if modelling is the industry for you. In the end tally up the yes’s and no’s.

1. Do you already have some beautiful pictures of yourself?

2. Do you love being in front of a camera, the center of attention and fussed about?

3. Are you an effective communicator? This is about transmitting and receiving messages clearly, where the tasks are understood and get done.

4. Do you enjoy having your makeup, hair and tan done?

5. Do you love skincare products and beauty treatments?

6. Can you do your own makeup and style your own hair to a fairly professional standard?

7. Do you live for fashion and the latest designs?

8. Do you show off the hottest bikinis, watches or designer brands that are out on your social media?

9. Do you go to beautiful restaurants, cafes and locations, in which you’re dying to get your photo taken by a friend or partner because you’re feeling glam and can’t wait to post on your social media?

10. Do you have Facebook and Instagram? These platforms are good tools for self promotion, you become a brand/business when you’re a model, so you need to advertise yourself.

11. Are you okay with standing around or wearing heels for long periods of time (6 hours+ straight)?

12. Do you have tolerance and patience?

13. Do you have a way to commute to work (car, train, bus)?

14. Are you confident at navigating and finding your way around?

15. Are you sociable and approachable?

16. Do you mind traveling interstate and globally for work?

17. Are you confident within your appearance?

18. Are you happy to have photos of you taken naturally without makeup, in standard t-shirt, jeans, bikinis and undergarments?

19. Have agencies or scouts approached you about representation?

20. Do you have thick skin (can you be told no and move on, not letting it damage your self-esteem?

21. Are you okay with doing photo shoots in extreme weather conditions (in the rain or at the beach when it is too hot or too cold- some times you will be pushed to your limits?

22. Are you well organised?

23. Are you punctual?

24. Are you good at negotiating?

25. Are you good at planning tasks, schedules and arranging meetings?

26. Do you have the ability to flow well in front of a camera, giving many different posses in seconds?

27. Do you have the time to check your emails and social accounts daily to stay on top of castings and paid jobs?

28. Do you have a lot of free time?

29. Are you free for castings during the week (some can last a few hours to a full day)?

30. Would you be happy earning $20-$150ph and general day rates of $500-$10,000 for hosting, runway and commercial jobs?

31. Do you think you can handle the unpredictable schedule and hours of the modelling industry? E.g. You might only have castings and no work for weeks and then all of a sudden be swarmed with work.

32. Can you cat walk with confidence?

33. Can you model with no direction given?

34. Can you take direction well and perform what is asked of you?

35. Do you have a supportive network of people who believe in you? If not don’t stress you are your main supporter, +1 more, ME! ;)

36. Do you have a good sense of style in terms of dressing yourself well and presentable?

37. Are you comfortable in front of an audience?

38. Do you have acting, dance or fitness experience? These are a bonus in the industry.

39. Do you know which category and market you fit into within the modelling industry? E.g. Commercial, runway, editorial, swimsuit or fitness etc.

40. Do you have what it takes to be a model?

Tally up and calculate!

0-10 YES’S - Is modelling really the right career for you? Hmm...

10-20 YES’S - Modelling could be the industry for you but are you really keen?

20-30 YES’S - Someone is on the right track, and it looks like this industry is for you!

30-40 YES’S - This industry may have just been made for you! It’s a perfect match!

I hope this section was able to inform you of what the modelling industry is all about. There are so many important components to being a model from personality traits (e.g. bubbly, compassionate and energetic) moral ethics (e.g. honesty, kindness and making good choices) and skill building qualities (e.g. communication, navigation and modelling experience). If you continue to keep focused and allow for your passion of modelling to grow and set no limitations on yourself, you will get far!
Beauty shot with sunglasses
Beauty Shoot Model: Yasemin Islek Photographer: Myuran