What we put out to the universe we receive. It's so important to visualize and write down what we want in our lives. The more we can focus on the good, the more we can gain positive outcomes on a daily basis! 

Different ways to attract what you want: - Chakra balancing - Deep meditation - Thankfulness - Positive intention - Visualisation - Self reiki - Forgiveness - Mental experience - Present - Abundance send great energy - Writing a list - Self talk - God/religion - Healthy living through food source and exercise

List of desires and attracting what you want:

My list - I am becoming more intelligent every day - I am attracting other positive people into my life - I am attracting more money into my life - I am working towards my health - I am getting the love and attention I need - I am attracting the love of my life as each day passes - I am going to new places - I am trying new things - I will go on a holiday and enjoy my life

Write down what you are grateful for, this will make you more receptive for your desires:

My list - I am grateful for the modelling jobs I have gotten - I am grateful for the new people I have met in my life - I am grateful for the new experiences I am going through in my life - I am grateful for the love I receive

Be a good receiver, learn to accept all the good in your life:

My list - I am worth happiness

- I  am worthy of companionship  and love - I deserve every bit of good that comes my way and even more than that - I am a beautiful person who will achieve great outcomes

Actions mirror what you receive:

My list - I will laugh louder - I will appreciate every moment

Put out what you want to the universe and you are bound to receive it. Think positive thoughts everyday, even from the unpleasant situations, see the positive regardless, because there are always things to be grateful for. Practice makes perfect. Everything happens for a reason and it is all in divine timing. Check out this reiki music for a daily dose of mind stimulation- Enjoy much love Yasemin Islek xx